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E3 2004 Web Updates
automated culture

Cranking out widgets in search of meaning...


The Barbarian Invasions (Les Invasions barbares)

Denis Arcand looks in on the cast of "Decline".

Millennium Actress

Satoshi Kon plays with time, place and your head yet again.

Reign of Fire

Doesn't rule exactly, but it's a damn good time

Something Legit Done in Flash!

Damn! Who knew you could do this?

New Lighting Solution for GBA

Hmmm... Interesting...

The Birth of the PlayStation Portable

Damn this is cool!


Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within a joy to behold

Don't See This Movie!

Dungeons & Dragons an insult to geekdom...

Crazy wind-up critter

Zany, Wacky fun!

New Animation on-line and off!

Bullseyeart has a new series called Makin' Moves and MTV has a new show called Downtown - also shown on YTV's Limbo - check 'em out

Sony's New Paradigm

A New Game Begins...

The new Badtz-Maru line is red hot!

It's almost as cool as Badtz-Maru DJ too!