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E3 2004 Web Updates
automated culture

Cranking out widgets in search of meaning...


Robohomoeroticism in Disney's "The Black Hole"

And the human kind too... Click here.

Sam Elliott Look-alike Joins Mailing List!

Cam MacGregor is an Actor and Cowboy.
Go figure...

Growing a Winter Beard?

Click here to join the Ultimate Beard Challenge.

Lethal Crotch Watching in Metal Gear Solid 2: Below the Belt

Click here for the link.

New Revolver Ocelot figure announced!

He's aged to perfection...

That other well 'stached cowboy shooting again...

Tom Selleck filming Louis L'Amour's Crossfire Trail

Sam Elliott moseys on over...

Tribute Site is now hosted here!

Woofy new cartoon character!

"Goat" is the neighbourhood freak on MTV's Downtown

Aaron Tippin - New album, new video, same sexiness!

He's looking fine in his new video "Kiss This". Just tell me where Aaron...