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E3 2004 Web Updates
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Cranking out widgets in search of meaning...


CD Reviews:

Front 242 - Pulse

Erasure - Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) EP

Hanzel und Gretyl - Über Alles

Front 242 - Still & Raw (EP)

Wolfsheim - Casting Shadows

Destination: Oblivion - Thirteen beginnings to the end

Diva Destruction - Exposing the Sickness

Snog - Valley of the Proles

Rapture – Songs for the Withering

In Strict Confidence - Mistrust the Angels

Industrial music to sit still to.

Add N to (X) - Loud Like Nature

Album of the year contender right here!

Simon Stinger - Here's Your Heart Back…

Bay-area band set for breakthrough!

Hocico - Signos de Aberracion

Explore the dark realm

Mission UK - Aura

Goth rockers return to the past

Conjure One - s/t

Rhys Fulber keeps the mood mellow

Fidgital - Spyglass

"Spybeat - big band techno" an impressive cocktail

Fear Factory - Concrete

Everything old is new again

Boy George - A Night Out with Boy George - A DJ Mix

The Boy comes out of hiding...

Cirrus - Counterfeit

The real mutha fuckers - Give me some more!

Icon of Coil - The Soul is in the Software

Recent album a glimpse of future potential.

Das Ich - anti'christ

Seriously creepy.

Michael Jackson media conspiricy?

Hmmm... it all seems a bit suspicious.

This is what it's all about...

I came up with this one morning while bored at work. I think it ties in nicely with the philosophy of the site.