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I'm not a hairdresser, interior designer or a flight attendant.

I don't live in a co-op,
I don't have a new boyfriend every night.
And I don't drive a BMW.

And I don't know Chase, Anton or Troy from The Steps,
Although I'm certain they're fabulous people.

I drink martinis...not beer.
I don't wear leather or feathers.
I've never used anything from Home Hardware for its original purpose.

And I pronounce it Pah-leeze, not please.

I can proudly fly my community's flag off of my balcony during Pride Week.

Tom Cruise IS gay!
Musicals ARE high-culture
and the Monarchy still reigns!

And it IS spelled Barbra, not Barbara!!!

My community spans every country,
Are the fashion trend-setters,
And the most FAB part of Humanity!!!

My name is Lance!!!
AND I AM A FAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You go girl!