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Hakone 2005

I booked this one day tour to see Fujisan since I didn't get to last time I was here, and here is the excellent picture thanks to typhoon #14... *what, can't you see the slightly off-white blob in the background?*

selfie in front of trees and a blank overcast sky

We then visited Fujiheiwa Park to see Myohoji Temple, which is not far from the base of Fujisan.

small shrine building with gold lion statueswhite dome with a spire and gold statuestatue of a guardianselfie near a small pagoda with large metal bell

The weather also prevented us from using the Komegataki Cablecar *oh darn, had to miss out on vertigo* We got a good replacement though... the Hakone Aquarium, featuring Penguins! Sure beat getting vertigo...

a cartoon penguin sign points the waya large glass aquarium spans most of a room

Next was Lake Ashi, where we were supposed to take a short boat ride, but didn't due to the weather, no big loss really, since we went to the Fujiyama Art Museum instead, which has a nice view overlooking the lake and a torii gate nearby.

lake shore with cloudy skya dock at the shore with the opposite shore visible in the distancea view across the lake to the opposite shore where a torii gate stands in the watera small path walled by trees and hedgesa large vermillion torii gate spans a city streetselfie in front of shrubs and trees with a the large torii gate partially visible in the background

All in all a good trip, it just would have been nice for it to clear up for even ten minutes or so when we went up Fujisan. Oh well, maybe next timeā€¦