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Japan Trips

Tokyo 2023

selfie of the three of us on the plane view of tokyo from skytree

Les, Chris, and I all went together in 2023.

Kawagoe Day Trip 2023

Kawagoe limited express sign selfie of the three of us

We also took a day trip to Kawagoe, a historic town with many traditional Edo-era buildings.

Tokyo 2018

Chris and Earl selfie on the plane.

Chris and I visited Tokyo in 2018.

Mori Building Digital Art Museum 2018

sign with teamlab logo, Mori Building Digital Art Museum, and epson teamlab borderless tokyo

We went to the teamLab Borderless exhibition.

Robot Week 2018

a sign for multiple events in japanese, with Japan Robot Week 2018 in English

This was an awesome addition to the trip.

Chichibu Day Trip 2018

small japanese buildings with a blue partly cloudy sky and mountains in the distance

There was more to see than we expected.

Japan 2011

mount fuji with bright sunlit clouds

I visited several cities and saw Mount Fuji.